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Federica had the idea of setting up an Italian radio project a while ago.

Let’s say that, as with any good Italian wine (or cheese), the project took some time to mature.

Fede had to find the right people who believed in her dream as much as she did, and persuade them to join her in this adventure.

Radio VIBE is mainly an act of sharing:







It’s also a number of other things:

  1. It’s about believing that everybody has a story to tell.

  2. It’s a platform where you can listen to podcasts about interesting people.

  3. It’s our love for interviewing people while being inspired by their stories.

  4. It’s a way to talk about Italy, with Italian and non-Italian people.

  5. It’s how we talk about other cultures and countries, and show the many things we have in common.

  6. It’s about bringing people together while respecting each other’s diversity.

  7. It’s a little moment to enjoy some music together.

  8. It’s all about having fun while learning something new, basically.