Migrant Lives, Presents and Futures

oct - nov 2020 (project)

mar 2021 (interview)

An interview with inspirational Dr Marta Kempny

a social anthropologist living in Belfast but originally from Poland,

leader of a collaborative project

between the Migrant Centre NI (Marta herself), Queen's University Belfast (Dr Maruška Svašek) and the artist Tiffany Donnelly,

called "Migrant Lives, Presents and Futures".

Many Vibers took part in this project aiming "to raise awareness about migrant lives in Northern Ireland, particularly in the context of insecurities around Brexit and the pandemic"

and enjoyed it so much that decided to interview Marta and offer the project a little gift...

Learn more about Marta's "Migrant Lives, Presents and Futures" project

by clicking on Marta's painted stone here below:

Listen to Marta's interview:


Marta Kempny

Interviewed by: Rosa Calleri, Luigi Cirillo, Maura Favretto, Federica Ferrieri, Laura LandiMusic arrangement: Luigi Cirillo Audio mixing: Luigi Cirillo

Location: Belfast, Northern Ireland, on Zoom


Marta Kempny

Intervistata da: Rosa Calleri, Luigi Cirillo, Maura Favretto, Federica Ferrieri, Laura LandiArrangiamento musicale: Luigi Cirillo Mix audio: Luigi Cirillo

Luogo: Belfast, Irlanda del Nord, su Zoom


A Polish social anthropologist based in Belfast, who builds bridges between the academia sh's part of and the voluntary sector.

A person who uses storytelling and arts to raise awareness on migrants' experience of Brexit and the pandemic.

Listen to her to challenge the usual migrants' narrative; listen to Marta Kempny's honest and sincere words.

Un'antropologa sociale polacca che vive a Belfast, dove costruisce ponti tra il mondo accademico di cui è parte e il settore del volontariato.

Una persona che usa le storie e l'arte per sensibilizzare le persone sull'esperienza vissuta dai migranti in merito a Brexit e alla recente pandemia.

Ascoltatela mentre mette in discussione la narrativa dei migranti a cui siamo abituati; ascoltate le parole oneste e sincere di Marta Kempny.

Music | Musica:

"Scarpe piene di sassi"

Sung and played by Luigi Cirillo (voice/piano) and Sławomir Cichy (percussions)

This song is a song by Italian singer Lorenzo Jovanotti, one of the most prominent songwriters now in Italy. Sławomir, who shares his Polish origins with Marta, has created a unique atmosphere in this rendition and a very special bridge between his and the Italian culture.

Memorable sentence

It's important to empower migrant communities because often migrants may not have the language skills to be able to communicate with the local community.”

Frase memorabile

È importante responsabilizzare le comunità di migranti perché capita spesso che i migranti non abbiano le competenze linguistiche per essere in grado di comunicare con la comunità locale.”

Recommendation to Radio VIBERS

Get local people engaged, representing different sectors of the community - both Protestants and Catholics.

Consiglio per i Radio VIBERS

Coinvolgere le persone del posto, in rappresentanza sia della parte protestante che di quella cattolica della nostra comunità.

Podcast created completely for free by Radio VIBE.

Have a look at Radio VIBE's gift to Marta's project - it's called Girotondo and Maura is our talented artist!

Girotondo is Radio Vibe’s friendship gift to the Migrant Centre NI.

It represents the children’s game Ring a ring o' Roses, when kids hold hands and dance in circle chanting a song.

It depicts a multicultural group of happy children as a sign of hope for a better society of the future.