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Radio Vibe's Team is foremost a group of friends

They share very similar core values and tend to be passionate about the same things

And they like to make fun of each other.

Here they are.


Based in Belfast

Project coordination, social media & interviews

I’ve been working in the IT sector for the past 10 years - after travelling the world and doing a variety of jobs (from backpackers’ hostel manager to gardener, from baker to selling clothes at music festivals) that brought me closer to different people and cultures. I’m a proud Sicilian but Belfast adopted me 20 years ago. I speak Italian, English and Spanish. I love combining IT with my passion for different cultures and communities and the study of Social Sciences.


Based in Belfast

Project management, public relations & interviews

I’m a language teacher, life coach and restorative justice practitioner. I’m originally from Venice and, before moving to Belfast in 2010, I lived in Amsterdam and Athens. I speak Italian, English, Greek, a bit of French (and a smaller bit of Romanian). I love bringing people together to share and learn something new.


Based in Bologna

Social Media Manager

I'm a photojournalist & filmmaker. I used to work in the middle-east area producing reportages and documentaries. I speak Italian, English (but not under pressure), a bit of French and I can introduce myself in Arabic. I love doing my job, telling stories and meeting new mountains.


Based in Bologna


I’m a teacher, trainer, nerd and educator in love with languages and IT. Used to live here and there across the Mediterranean Sea and London. I speak mostly with hands and laughter in a few languages: Italian, Rumagnol, English, French, Spanish, Arabic, Turkish, Greek, Nigerian Pidgin English, Portuguese and some Srpsko-Hrvatski. I love learning, meeting people and travelling with my hammock.


Based in Kendal (almost in Burneside)

Former journalist, language teacher

I come from the province of Pavia in Italy but have been living in the UK since 2006. I have a PGCE, a master in teaching Italian as L2/LS and I’ve just completed another master (apparently I find them fun - I like misery!). Apart from teaching, I like to create teaching resources, especially with Federica. I love climbing, walking, a good laugh with friends, punk music, all animals and my favourite thing in the world is pastiera napoletana made by my other half who’s English and learnt to make it to shut me up. Joining Maura in the dinosaur club!


Based in Belfast

Translations & interviews

I’m a language teacher who loves her job, a passionate food lover and an enthusiastic and tireless walker. Originally from Turin, I went to Limerick and then moved to Belfast after the DeLorean but before the appearance of the Wheel at City Hall and when Victoria Square still didn’t exist (yes, more than a decade ago…). I adore languages, music and people with a good sense of humour. I’m always up for a heartfelt laugh and a cup of tea. I speak Italian, English and Catalan.


Based in Belfast

Music professional and life enthusiast.

I am a singing guitarist, originally from Naples, I’ve been performing as a soloist with the Orchestra Fantasia Napoletana and in various formations, touring Italy, Poland and Spain and participating in international art music festivals. I enjoy experimenting with every aspect of creativity from graphics to improvisation comedy. If there is a stage, I’ll walk on it.


Based in Belfast

Translations & interviews

Paleontologists of the world, meet the dinosaur! I don’t know what I'm doing among these young, dynamic, vibrant people. I grew up with radios with knobs. What is this? A radio that you cannot touch? Anyway I guess my role here is to provide some, if not wisdom, then experience. I was brought to Belfast by the love of a good man, and have been here for 30 years. During this time my job has been trying to persuade the good people of Northern Ireland that Italian is a language worth studying and having lots of fun in doing so. Apart from languages and talking to people, I enjoy writing and a good joke.


Based in Belfast

Writer and interviewer

I do interviews. I got my last PhD at Queen’s University. Been living in Ireland, North and Republic for the last 14 years. Still revising an academic book, and acrobatically between contracts to teach. Author of one novel, several short-stories and the inevitable collection of poems, thankfully all rejected by the publishing industry. Have been a better swimmer than I am now.

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