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Six powerful podcasts as a start to get to know Texas, India, a multicultural island, Nigeria, Germany, Kosovo, Spain and Greece, and their amazing story-tellers. And to listen to some great Italian music.

An interview with inspirational Dr Marta Kempny, a social anthropologist living in Belfast but originally from Poland, leader of a collaborative project between the Migrant Centre NI (Marta herself), Queen's University Belfast (Dr Maruška Svašek) and the artist Tiffany Donnelly, called "Migrant Lives, Presents and Futures".

Buonasera, Belfast!

Two podcast series presented by Federica Ferrieri and Rosa Calleri - one to get to know the wonderful Italian people who live in Northern Ireland, and the other to meet some Italian members of the LGBTQIA+ community who live in Italy but know (and love) Northern Ireland.

Luigi Cirillo's best-of album

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